Identification of U.S. business opportunities

Green Gate Consulting has “in-house” expertise and a broad network of experienced Associates and Advisors to assist our European clients in identifying, assessing and pursuing business opportunities in the United States.
From its Northern Virginia office, Green Gate Consulting provides its clients with business consulting services and strategic advice on the most effective ways of entering the U.S. market and establishing a sustainable presence in the United States.


We perform comprehensive market research and due diligence to help our clients achieve success in the United States.

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We provide our clients with market entry intelligence for more effective planning and establishing a sustainable pres...

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We offer tailored business matchmaking services to assist our clients in forming successful partnerships in the Unite...

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We assist our clients to increase their U.S. visibility and exposure by making them part of relevant U.S. business ev...

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We represent our clients in the United States in any and all marketing activities to allow them to successfully estab...

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