”The Olympics of talent in the Silicon Valley. Talks with start-up masters” co-authored by GGC’s Advisor, Magdalena Bryzek, is now available in Polish bookstores

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In mid-September 2015 a book titled”The Olympics of talent in the Silicon Valley. Talks with start-ups masters” co-authored by GGC’s Advisor, Magdalena Bryzek, appeared in Polish book stores. This book is a collection of interviews with Polish entrepreneurs from the Silicon Valley, who have achieved significant business success.

The idea to write this book was born from the need to tell the story of the courageous young people who decided to revolutionize the world. These heroes dream boldly, think farther and step ahead with their imagination. They fulfill the dreams of the XXI century “glass houses”.

In the Silicon Valley, Magdalena Bryzek and Martha Zucker asked the chosen entrepreneurs to describe their pathway to success. That is how they learned the stories of: Jakub Krzycha of Estimote; Marcin Tredera of UXPin; Radek Tadajewski of Oort; Greg Pietruszynski of Growbots; Marek Sadowski of Robotics Inventions and Kamila Kuchty of Spray.

The introduction to the book was written by Piotr Wilam, who is a Polish “Business Angel”, the creator of the Pascal Publishing Agency in Poland and the creator of the Polish website onet.pl. Part of this introduction is a short conversation with Professor Piotr Moncarz of Stanford University and a brief history of the Silicon Valley.

The GGC team is extremely proud of Magdalena Bryzek’s publication! We encourage our audience to read her book and to share with us comments and observations. We will also gladly engage in cooperation with Polish companies, who inspired by Magdalena’s book are hoping to enter the U.S. market and are looking for effective marketing support to achieve this goal.