Polish “Investment Tour” Through the State of Virginia

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On April 2018 Green Gate Consulting organized and assisted its new client – a large Polish manufacturer, who is looking to soon open a manufacturing plant in Virginia – on an “investment tour” through the state of Virginia. The goal and purpose of that tour was to visit five pre-selected sites in different parts of the state to choose a location for the future Polish manufacturing plant.

During the six-day “investment tour” the Polish delegation and GGC were accompanied by Virginia state and local government officials from four Southern Virginia towns considered as potential homes for the future Polish investment.

On top of receiving an official introduction and materials from the state of Virginia, the delegation also met with local HR managers, bankers and lawyer who will later assure a smooth implementation of the planned investment.

The conclusion of the investment tour was a selection of two sites in Southern Virginia. The Polish manufacturer will have to now decide on a specific location.

GGC will continue to assist its client in local market analysis in light of choosing the most suitable Virginia location for opening a Polish manufacturing plant.