Green Gate Consulting, LLC Opens its Doors

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We are pleased to announce that Green Gate Consulting (GGC) is open for business!

Green Gate Consulting is an international consulting firm that specializes in assisting U.S. environmental companies to take advantage of opportunities for direct investments and foreign business partnerships. Our mission is to help U.S. environmental companies sell their products or services to foreign markets and therefore expand their operations. The goal of Green Gate Consulting is to grow the profitability of U.S. environmental firms and to maximize their net income by increasing revenues and adding new markets to their portfolios.

Our services include:

  • Foreign market analysis, including market research and current business and political trends that could affect the client’s ability to successfully enter and operate in the market
  • Strategic advice on foreign market entry and expansion strategies
  • Assistance with start-up activities and acquiring foreign partners
  • Strategic advice on export-import compliance, European Union regulations and financing partners

The Green Gate Consulting Team is a diverse group of experts with extensive experience in international trade, marketing, emerging market economies and foreign market entry strategies. They have lived and worked in Europe, in the United States and in Asia, and combined they read, write, and speak over ten foreign languages.

We are ready to assist you and to help you achieve success and presence in foreign markets. For more information please visit our website at and do not hesitate to contact us with questions.

Best regards,

Agnes Pawelkowska

GGC, President