GGC’s Report on Polish Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Officially Launched on the Washington, DC Polish Embassy’s Website

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On top of writing weekly reports on Poland and the Central and Eastern European (CEE) region for our strategic partner and client SGA, Green Gate Consulting also frequently contributes to the news division of the Trade and Investment section of the Polish Embassy in Washington, DC.

On August 5th our latest report written by Agnes Pawelkowska, “Poland the 6th most attractive investment destination in the world” was officially published on the Embassy’s website:,18970.html.

The main finding of the report underlines the importance of Poland as a preferable foreign direct investment (FDI) destination. According to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) 2011 World Investment Report, Poland ranks as the 6th most attractive investment destination in the world, up five places from its 11th position in 2010. In this ranking, Poland was only behind the world greatest economies: China, USA, India, Brazil and Russia, and ranked before Germany and the UK.

GGC predicts that in the next few years Poland will remain an extremely attractive and significant FDI destination with its fair share of the global FDI “investment pie”. Moreover, apart from traditional European streams of investment, Poland will observe an increasing inflow of FDI from Asia, especially from Eastern Asia. Currently, every fourth investment project comes from a US-based investor, while the UK and France round out the top three countries investing in Poland. GGC believes that in the next few years this proportion will change.

All in all, we encourage investors to take a closer look at Poland and its safe and welcoming FDI environment. With continuing positive GDP growth, Poland is definitely an attractive and promising FDI destination.