GGC’s Business Development Trip to Warsaw, Poland

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Since October 2010 GGC has been working to identify a strategic business partner in Poland for one of its Minnesota based clients operating in the wastewater sector. In addition to providing market advice, research and risk analysis, GGC made direct contacts in Poland to enable its Minnesota client to develop a working partnership with a Polish company operating in the wastewater sector.

Agnes accompanied GGC’s Minnesota client on a business development trip to Poland to meet with a potential Polish business partner and to discuss the framework of an anticipated partnership. After several meetings and long negotiations that took place in Warsaw, Poland the week of April 10th, both companies established a common ground for future cooperation with an official cooperation agreement to follow. The near-term goal of the partnership is to start pilot projects in Poland while using imported American innovative wastewater technology from the United States, and in the latter stage, to establish a manufacturing line of the American technology in Poland while using local resources and the local labor force.

The business development trip to Poland proved to be a successful beginning of the American-Polish cooperation in the wastewater sector, and GGC is proud to be part of this endeavor. GGC was complimented by its Minnesota client’s Marketing Director for our high level effectiveness and professionalism. For the last four years our client has been searching for an appropriate partner in Poland and GGC was a crucial element in successfully completing this search.

While in Warsaw, Agnes also met with Polish Government Officials as well as the Chief Attaché of the U.S. Embassy’s Commercial Section to discuss current environmental needs and priorities in Poland. Using this opportunity, Agnes introduced GGC’s clients to Polish Governmental Officials and to commercial employees of the U.S. Embassy in Warsaw.

In addition Agnes had a chance to conduct business meetings with GGC’s other Polish clients who are interested in entering the U.S. market with their products and services. Moreover, Agnes has negotiated a partnership with a Polish company in organizing trade missions from Poland to the United States. GGC anticipates welcoming its first Polish delegation to a trade show in Washington, DC in July 2011.