GGC’s Business Development Trip to Poland

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On March 12, 2015 GGC’s President, Agnes Pawelkowska, started her three week business development trip to Poland. During that trip Agnes met with GGC’s current and prospective clients, various technology parks and several large public institutions that could advance GGC’s goals and recognition in Poland.

While visiting technology parks Agnes conducted presentations for private sector companies and entrepreneurs renting offices there. The presentations were conducted with a purpose of encouraging Polish companies to expand to the U.S. market and to use GGC services while doing so. All the presentations were met with large participation and tremendous interest – such interest that it will be necessary for the GGC team to travel to Poland again in the fall to conduct workshops on the U.S. market and business opportunities it presents.

Agnes also had an opportunity to meet with the company’s current and prospective clients, as well as presidents of such large institutions as the Polish Chamber of Commerce and the Pomerania Development Agency.

Agnes’s business development to Poland was extremely successful. It brought GGC both new clients and promising prospects for future activities.