GGC President, Agnes Pawelkowska and GGC General Counsel, Aleksandra Michailov Attend a Series of Business Meetings in the Silicon Valley, California

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  Starting May 12, 2014 Agnes Pawelkowska, Green Gate Consulting’s President, and Aleksandra Michailov, Green Gate Consulting’s General Counsel, attended a series of business meetings in the Silicon Valley, California.

The first part of their three day business tour included meetings with a delegation of Polish companies from the West Pomerania region, who arrived at the Silicon Valley on an invitation of the Polish Government Trade and Investment Section’s Silicon Valley Acceleration Center.

The meetings, held in the offices of White & Case law firm in Palo Alto, California, included expert lectures on the business environment in the Silicon Valley and networking sessions with the Polish delegation. Agnes and Aleksandra had a chance to meet representatives of various Polish firms looking for business contacts in the United States with prospects of starting cooperation with some of them.

The second part of GGC team’s business tour included participation in The Startup Conference in Redwood City, California. The conference, held in the Redwood City’s Fox Theatre, gathered almost 2,000 entrepreneurs. It is the one of the largest conferences in Silicon Valley for initiating a startup, learning how to “pitch” to Venture Capital companies, finding co-founders, launching a product and networking with representatives from different industries.

On top of making promising business contacts, Agnes and Aleksandra had an opportunity to participate in several interesting business lectures featuring such well known names as Guy Kawasaki, David Hornik, Lisa Stone and more.

Green Gate Consulting team’s business tour was both interesting and beneficial in terms of making new business contacts. The Silicon Valley, which has raised expectations of a great future potential, is filled with business contacts and fresh business ideas to inspire any business owner and entrepreneur.