GGC on a Business Development Trip to Denver, Colorado

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On July 9th GGC’s CEO and President Agnes Pawelkowska went on a business development trip to Denver, Colorado. The purpose of this trip was to meet with the management team of GGC’s new client headquartered in Denver who invented and patented the world’s first solar bulb. Agnes met with the client’s business development team and she discussed with the team the most effective international market entrance strategies for their product. The Denver client owns an innovative and useful product, but lacks the appropriate connections and understanding needed to enter and to operate in the U.S. market.

GGC will use the knowledge and expertise of its Venezuela based partner to first introduce the solar bulbs to Venezuelan and possibly other Latin American markets. In a later, stage GGC plans to introduce the solar bulbs to both the Indian and the European markets. We are proud to be able to add another innovative environmental product to the portfolio of the products GGC already represents, and we are looking forward to working with our new client.

While in Denver, Agnes also met with the president of an environmental consulting firm for possible partnership and idea exchange. Agnes had worked with this company on one of her past environmental projects in Eastern Europe, and she was exploring an opportunity to work together again. It was a useful, productive and beneficial meeting for both sides with effects to be seen in the near future.