GGC Has Signed a Representation Agreement with a Lithuanian Producer of Premium Class Drinking Water

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Starting July 2013, Green Gate Consulting will be representing a Lithuanian Baltic Sea coast research and production company who is an inventor and producer of unique, premium class drinking water. The production process of this water recreates the principles of the formation and melting of glaciers.

The idea behind this innovative process is based on the general knowledge of the purity of glaciers and the crystal clear, natural water that results from their melting. Although pure, natural glacier water is difficult to obtain, our client has come as close as humanly possible to duplicating the natural process of melting glaciers.

Our client has been successfully selling its water in Europe, both for every day consumption purposes, and for the pharmaceutical and food industry use. Based on the growing interest for its water in Europe, the company has decided to expand also to the U.S. market.

Under our representation agreement GGC will be identifying for its new client potential distributors and/or trade partners in the U.S. market. Our goal is to assist our client to successfully introduce its water on the U.S. market and to establish its presence in the U.S.

GGC’s team has initiated a marketing campaign for our new client and we are looking forward to introducing to the U.S. customers the unique water produced by our new client.