GGC Expands its Project Portfolio

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Green Gate Consulting has been growing as it continuously adds new clients to its portfolio. As of April and May 2018, two new Polish companies respectively signed cooperation agreements with GGC.

One of the GGC’s new clients is a company, who has developed a unique fire protection board for the construction market and is looking to introduce this product to the U.S. market. GGC is assisting in making appropriate connections and structuring partnership opportunities.

Our second new client is a well-known Polish cosmetic company, who is looking to increase its sales in the United States. GGC introduced this company to the state of West Virginia, where the company incorporated. The next step will be a tailored marketing campaign to introduce our client’s cosmetics to the U.S. market.

GGC is looking forward to developing the two new projects and assisting its clients in a successful entrance into the U.S. market.