GGC Assists the Polish Information and Investment Agency in Conducting a Food Trade Show in Washington, DC

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The Trade and Investment Section of the Polish Embassy in Washington, DC recommended Green Gate Consulting to the Polish Information and Investment Agency to jointly conduct the International Fancy Food Trade show. The Fancy Food Trade show, which took place in the Washington DC Walter E. Convention center on June 17-20, 2012, is North America’s largest specialty food and beverage event.

Agnes and the GGC Team assisted 19 food companies from Eastern Poland in marketing their food and beverages products during the four day trade show. GGC specifically assisted those companies in one-to-one meetings with potential international buyers, including American companies.

The GGC Team also provided independent advice to the Polish companies on the most effective ways to enter the US food market. Although GGC’s core services take place in the environmental sector, our practice taught us how to effectively advise any company, not only environmental companies, on how to enter the US market.

During the trade show, in addition to networking and meeting new market representatives from Poland, GGC had an opportunity to broaden its services to a new sector. We suspect that at least a few meetings, in which we assisted Polish companies on the trade floor, will result in signing either cooperation or distribution agreements with their foreign counterparts. We are particularly proud to report that because of our professionalism during the trade show GGC was praised by the Polish Embassy in Washington, DC and will be most likely asked to conduct similar events in the future. GGC’s name gains recognition in the market and we will continue our efforts to support this trend.