Business Development and Marketing Trip to Promote the State of Virginia in Poland

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On March 14, 2017 Green Gate Consulting’s CEO Agnes Pawelkowska began a five-week long business development and marketing trip to promote the state of Virginia in Poland. The goal and main purpose of that trip was to show case Virginia in Poland and to increase the investment and presence of the Polish companies in the state. The trip was an implementation of the contract awarded to Green Gate by the state of Virginia in January 2017.

During the trip, Agnes Pawelkowska visited eight Polish cities (namely: Gdansk, Olsztyn, Warszawa, Lodz, Lublin, Wroclaw, Poznan and Torun), where she delivered presentations on the U.S. market and business opportunities offered by the state of Virginia. The visits specifically included: six Investor and Exporters Assistance Centers, the Polish Chamber of Commerce with headquarters in Warsaw, and the Poznan Technology Park in Poznan.

The average formal presentation on the U.S. market and business/investment opportunities in Virginia lasted about three hours and was followed by a networking session with the audience. The total number of companies participating in all the regional seminars was 224. The total number of companies, which requested a follow up from the state of Virginia was 19 (some of which are planning on opening manufacturing plants in Virginia).

It was definitely a good idea to “go out with the message” about the state of Virginia to the Polish companies and their regional development centers. That message was enthusiastically received and the Polish audience was eager and interested to learn about the U.S. market.

The general conclusion is that the Polish companies still lack sufficient information on the U.S. market in general, and singular U.S. states in particular (including the state of Virginia). Therefore, it is a good idea to continue promoting the state of Virginia in Poland and to present the business opportunities it offers.

Green Gate Consulting is looking forward to working with the state of Virginia to continue increasing its visibility in Poland!