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Marketing World’s First Solar Bulb to International Markets

Since June 2011, GGC has been working with an American company who invented and patented the world’s first solar bulb. Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, the company owns an innovative and useful product, but lacks the appropriate connections and understanding needed to enter and to operate in the international markets.

Based on our international contacts and understanding of the global marketplace, GGC has been assisting our client to effectively market its solar products in Latin America and Asia. Recently, we have also made an effort to introduce our client’s solar bulb in Europe. GGC has started a global marketing campaign for our client and we are looking forward to continue this campaign in months to come.

We are also proud to announce tha, t due to our efforts, in late 2011, GGC’s Denver client agreed to donate a significant number of its solar bulbs to a major nonprofit organization in Europe. While expanding our business mission through various international markets, GGC also supports social causes that we believe in.