Who we are?

The Green Gate Consulting Team is a diverse group of experts with extensive experience in international trade, business development, marketing, emerging market economies and foreign market entry strategies. We have lived and worked in Europe, in the United States and in Asia, and combined, we communicate in eight foreign languages.

We understand the diverse cultural differences encountered when conducting international business. We have worked with the United States and foreign governments, international organizations, nonprofit organizations, think tanks and private sector companies. We can effectively assist organizations to operate and thrive in a highly competitive, complex and ever-changing global marketplace.

The Idea Behind Establishing GGC

Green Gate Consulting was established in 2009 based on the growing popularity of the environmental sector, which was the company’s primary focus at first. With time, Green Gate Consulting has expanded its industry focus beyond the environmental sector and has opened its doors to other sectors as well. Now, we work with a broad range of industries from the construction and engineering sector, through clothing, toy and cosmetic industries.

Green Gate Consulting was born from the growing demand for environmental products and services worldwide. With the global market for environmental technologies expected to reach over $970 billion by 2022, U.S and European environmental firms continue to seek diversification by exploring new sales opportunities. While the U.S. market is the largest and most mature single market for environmental technologies, foreign markets, particularly those of developing countries, continue to grow at a higher rate and offer attractive opportunities for U.S. and European companies.

While the environmental sector is still in our scope of interest, Green Gate Consulting currently works with other sectors as well.

We create tailored strategies for entering the U.S. market.

Let our Green Gate Consulting Team partner with you to expand your company’s U.S. presence and visibility!

Our mission

The mission of Green Gate Consulting is to help European companies sell their products or services to the U.S. market and therefore expand their operations. Our goal is to grow the profitability of our clients and to maximize their net income by increasing their revenues and U.S. sales. The process of accomplishing this goal is a customized and tailored business expansion service that meets the specific needs of our clients and guides European companies through the process of entering the U.S. market.

We do not have a “one size fits all” approach. Instead, we listen to our clients and we create a tailored U.S. market entry strategy to best meet their goals and expectations.

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